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Starbuck ([personal profile] starthebuck) wrote2013-02-02 10:53 pm

the buck and dating ...

Slowly I really start to doubt the men out there. Last night I have been on a date with Andreas. We've mailed for about two weeks and he asked me out to have dinner at a Nepalese (sp?) restaurant. But where to start? Hm .. it was downright boring. So really amazing boring that I really had to force myself not to stare at my watch too often.  

Where to start?
Andreas told me that: a) cats are stupid animals knowing that I have two b) he started a political discussion on the army-voting we had a couple of weeks ago 

Every second sound he made was something like "ja ... hm ...ja ... hm ..." - ?? 

And in the end I had to pay for my meal. I mean I dont have a problem paying for myself but if somebody asks me out on a date ... I mean ... 

Now I somehow have to let him know that we will not work out if he didnt notice it yesterday. 

On the contrary today was a good day ;) did some shopping with Kerstin at the designer outlet in Parndorf --> Timberland boots! a Ralph Lauren blouse, a nice wool jacked from Tom Taylor, a shirt from Esprit ...